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Discover 15 delicious ways to incorporate foxtail millet (kakum) into your daily diet. From breakfast cereals and savory dishes to baked goods and desserts, explore the versatility of this nutritious grain for a healthier and more varied menu.

By Surekha Pendse
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Ways to Include Foxtail Millet (Kakum) In Your Daily Diet

There are many ways to include the nutrient-rich grain foxtail millet, also referred to as "kakum" in some locales, in your daily diet. The following are some recipes that use foxtail millet:

Cook It as a Side Dish: Foxtail millet can be cooked as a side dish and served with your main course. It is prepared similarly to how you would prepare rice or quinoa. It pairs well with many dishes thanks to its mildly nutty flavor.

Porridge or Breakfast Cereal: For a wholesome and satisfying breakfast, cook foxtail millet with milk or water and sweeten it with honey, fruits, or nuts.

Make Upma: Prepare foxtail millet upma to make a flavorful breakfast dish. For a tasty and nutritious breakfast, sauté lentils, vegetables, and millet together.

Replace Rice: For a lower-carb and healthier substitute in dishes like biryanis, pulao, and fried rice, use cooked foxtail millet instead of rice.

Prepare Khichdi: To make a filling and comforting khichdi, cook foxtail millet with lentils and spices.

Bake Into Bread or Muffins: Use foxtail millet flour to create gluten-free bread or muffins, among other baked goods. For those who are sensitive to gluten, it can be a fantastic option.

In salads: To add a distinctive texture and a boost of nutrition, sprinkle cooked and cooled foxtail millet on salads.

Soups and Stews:  Cooked foxtail millet can be added to soups and stews to add thickness and nutrition.

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Energy Bars: Use foxtail millet, nuts, seeds, honey, or dates as sweeteners to make your own protein or energy bars at home.

Stuffed Peppers or Vegetables: For a tasty and nutritious dish, stuff bell peppers, tomatoes, or other vegetables with a mixture of cooked foxtail millet, spices, and herbs.

Desserts: For a unique twist, try using foxtail millet to make puddings, kheer (Indian rice pudding), or even cookies.

Smoothies: To add fiber and nutrition, blend cooked and cooled foxtail millet into your smoothies.

Fritters or Pakoras: To make a batter for crispy fritters or pakoras, combine cooked foxtail millet with spices, gram flour, and water.

Sprinkle over Yogurt: For a filling and healthy snack, top your yogurt with cooked and cooled foxtail millet, honey, and fresh fruit.

Stir-Fry: Cooked foxtail millet can be added to stir-fries along with your preferred vegetables and sources of protein.

Prior to cooking, remember to rinse and soak the foxtail millet to remove any extra starch and enhance digestibility. It is a flexible and wholesome grain that can be added to a variety of dishes to improve your daily diet.

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