10 Ways to Include Little Millet or Shavan In Your Daily Diet

Explore diverse culinary avenues with Little Millet or Shavan in your daily diet. From wholesome porridge to savory upma and crispy dosas, discover 11 delicious ways to elevate this versatile grain for a healthier, tastier every meal.

By Surekha Pendse
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Ways to Include Little Millet or Shavan In Your Daily Diet

Little Millet, also called Shavan, is a healthy and adaptable grain that you can easily include in your daily diet. Little millet can be enjoyed in the following tasty and healthy ways:

Little Millet Porridge: For a filling breakfast, cook Little Millet with water or milk, a pinch of salt, and your preferred sweetener.

Little Millet Salad: For a cool salad, combine cooked and cooled Little Millet with vibrant vegetables, herbs, and a simple dressing.

Little Millet Upma: Sauté cooked Little Millet with mustard seeds, curry leaves, vegetables, and spices to make a flavorful upma.

Little Millet Khichdi: For a filling one-pot meal, combine Little Millet with lentils and a variety of vegetables.

Little Millet Dosa: To make crispy and healthy dosas, make a batter with Little Millet flour, urad dal, and fenugreek seeds.

Little Millet Pulao: For a flavorful pulao, cook Little Millet with savory spices, fresh vegetables, and a dash of ghee. Idlis made from Little Millet are soft, filling, and a great option for breakfast when combined with urad dal.

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Little Millet Soup: To add texture and nutrition to your favorite vegetable or chicken soup, add cooked Little Millet.

Little Millet Kheer: Cooked Little Millet, along with sugar, cardamom, and nuts, should be simmered in milk to make Little Millet Kheer, a delectable dessert.

Little Millet Flatbread or Roti: To make wholesome flatbreads or rotis, combine Little Millet flour with whole wheat flour.

Little Millet Energy Balls: Make energy balls out of cooked Little Millet, nuts, seeds, and honey for an easy and nutritious snack.

Never forget to play around with these concepts to fit your dietary requirements and preferences. Little millet gives your meals a delicious nutty flavor in addition to being a nutritional powerhouse. Enjoy the taste and the health advantages!

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Little millet Noodles
Little Millet Noodles